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NETSymphony offer a range of Linux-based 'all in one' servers designed to provide your business with the most reliable, secure and resilient 'office in a box' server solution.

COMMPro is based on the leading manufacturer's hardware of your choice. You can select from DELL, Hewlett Packard or Fujitsu Siemens and NETSymphony will build a COMMPro solution to match your requirements.

You can even provide the hardware yourself and let NETSymphony take care of the installation, configuration and support.Contact NETSymphony to find out more about our range of COMMPro Linux-based servers.

COMMPro Features & Benefits

COMMPro server providing a complete 'office in a box' communications solution for small to medium sized businesses. Features include:

  • Email serving
  • Anti-virus and anti-SPAM filtering
  • Firewall security
  • File serving and data backup
  • Remote access
  • Multi-site VPN capability
  • Website hosting
  • DHCP
  • DNS

COMMpro servers start from as little as £1,140 including hardware and 12 months support.


NETSymphony also provide a full support service for the Efinity family of Linux-based servers.

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