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Offsite Backup

NETSymphony offer a full off-site data backup solution using the latest in data synchronisation technology.

Making use of low-cost broadband or leased-line technology, NETSymphony can back up your business data automatically each night.

Used in addition to your regular tape-based or hard-disk-based backup regime, an overnight data backup can provide the ideal platform for your businesses Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity strategy.

Data Backup and Archiving

Business information must be kept backed-up and secure. In the event of a failure of your computer hardware it is essential that your business can recover its critical data quickly and completely. Other factors can also lead to a loss of data such as:

  • Inadvertent or accidental file deletion
  • Hard disk failure
  • Vandalism or theft of a computer
  • Filesystem corruption
  • Fire, flood or act of God at your place of work

Conventional data backup solutions are useful but have some disadvantages when compared to automated off-site systems. You must remember to change tapes, you have to move your backup media off-site manually or at least secure it in a fire proof safe and you need to get your hands on the media again before you can restore it.

Automated off-site backups provide an additional level of security in a much more convenient solution. The data is available 24/7, is safely encrypted and can be restored either whole, or in part, at any time or to any location.

Contact NETSymphony to discuss our range of offsite data backup solutions.

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